My Geekye Spirit

I just downloaded 3.2.1. It is another good improvement from No wonder if it receives Editor’s Choice Award at Softonic

on.e is preparing a BarCamp event together with EiABCBarCampEthiopia from September 17 to 18, 2010. It will be the first BarCamp (similar) event in Ethiopia. I hope it would be interesting. This afternoon I have been trying to work on that more or less. Actually, I am looking forward to see what kind of presentations will be made. If Maike – I got the name Geekye from her 🙂 – is here, she will definitely present something like “mediation in Ethiopia” or “intercultural communication, outcome oriented PME for enterprises and the challenges” or even better, “table dance in Ethiopia”. I don’t think she likes the idea of writing something about her especially under this title.

I think I have got some free time from work this week. I have already started to participate Ethiopian New Era Journalists’ Club which is offering Journalism courses for free.

I have mentioned few organizations and events. Silly me, I haven’t got a reason to include pictures in my blog yet. I believe that words are still stronger than pictures.

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