Oh, Africa!

A good writer is the one who has time to write. I couldn’t manage to get time to write on my blog. It obviously made me a bad writer – which I am anyway.

I have opened my open office application three times to write an article in the last few weeks.

My first try:

It went only a paragraph. I was writing about a common subject. But I didn’t get the words well set up the way I wanted it. One of my problems is I write things I could only understand. I was writing about the way my girl sees me. But you can’t usually write about it. It is one of the things words can’t express [keep in mind that words are the most powerful thing in the world]. So I dropped the subject and I started to write the way I feel about her. What do I feel about her? I actually feel this. I mean THIS. I failed again. Where are the words in my mind? Sometimes I even write words out of my fingers. I should have got the right words to express deep feelings like this. I write blogs, after all.

My second try:

I began with a common sentence over again. At least, it’s being common since June 11.

“It is time for Africa”

It is a world cup in Africa. I enjoy watching football. I don’t think it is a boring game that 22 guys fight to score a goal. This is not basically a real goal – assuming, winning is the actual goal. It is in South Africa. I got all memories back. Yet, I feel more connected to world cup than South Africa. My few days in Johannesburg were nothing compare to my attachment with football. I feel more connected to the Argentinean team than all the people I know from there. I even thought that South Africa isn’t Africa. I saw a counting down clock counting down for the world cup – September 2008. July 5, 2010, I remember the newly constructed stadium more than the room I stayed in Pretoria.

It is time for Africa. But Africa had all the time even before. If it means it is Africa’s turn to host the world cup, South Africa is not defiantly the right place. In the real world, it silently represents Africa. This should go to a real African country. Let the players play in grass pitch. Let the fans sleep in the tents. Let the hotels serve half the menu. If it is time for Africa, let everyone feels it. Take the players at the back of a horse. Let them play half naked.

My third try:

I never try things three times and failed!

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