In the last two days I have been working on creating a new social network – ICT Cracker Barrel – using Mixxt. It is a german based free social network platform. Unlike Ning it is free (Ning has been free for long time as well).

Mixxt’s administration panel is very easy to work with. practically, anyone can create the network without the knowledge of programming language. The free version has 1GB of space. I have removed the video feature to save space. It has also a good wiki feature. Other common features of social network is beautifully programmed with many options.

As I expected Jörn Schultz is the first member of the ictcracker. His experience on eLearning Ethiopia helped me a lot, especially in the layout and labeling. I had no idea what I should put first in the main page. The default layout from Mixxt isn’t too bad as well.

The experience we have from eLearning Ethiopia, Facebook for that matter, Ethiopian like to interact via social network platforms. Many Ethiopians use Facebook on daily basis for a considerable amount of time. As this trend will probably continue, social network like ictcracker will help people to share information and collaborate in the country.

The Sheep That Doesn’t Like Eating Grass

One of these days when the rain didn’t seem like to stop. It was pouring as all the angels are peeing down on us. From morning to evening, from evening to the next morning, it was raining. The sky was gray and the lighting flashing for someone to take shots. But there was someone who didn’t like to give up walking.

This man,

Walking to find his sheep. He doesn’t know his sheep by name. He barely remember the color of it. He is a bad shepard who let his sheep to the roaring waters, to the temporal sparkling silver colored sky, to the majesty of the night with full of wildness. He never let his sheep walking to the still waters, to green pasture.

The rain kept pouring, so as the man walking.

The street was empty. The mud covered road is full of holes. Holes covered by dirty water. No one can guess how deep the hole is unless stepping in them. The ground didn’t seem like holding anything except the water and made of rocks. Deep after deep it is full of mud, or muddy water. The man knew that it is too late to look for his sheep. If it hasn’t died yet, it would soon. This is not the time for a sheep to walk. This man experience of the world couldn’t help him find out how to reverse what is happing now.

The man turned around to the valley of unfruitful grape. The sheep already knew he has owner. Someone who has power to sell or slaughter. How do a sheep know the owner always have knife? The money to buy it as well? It was the time when he decided to leave the house. He didn’t want to accept the knife in its neck for daily grass.

The man looked back how far it came. He needed the go back home, to his children, to his sick wife, to his knife. One sheep left doesn’t mean he will die hungry. He stopped. It got even more darker. The lighting didn’t flash. The moon gone far, far away. The sun never shines in this area of the world. It is only unstable ground with a pouring rain.

He decide to walk. Walking to any direction. To continue where he stopped. For this reason or for another. To the place where the sun shines in the night. To the place where he can take his wife to medicine.

My Egg Comes First

For long time people keep asking probably for nothing which comes first – chicken or egg. Recently scientist confirmed that chicken came first. According to them, the egg gets into existence because of the protein which can only be found in the ovaries of the chicken.

This also confirmed what a bible says about creation that the birds are created, not their eggs. Since at the time of creation, all created animals are in the maturity stage.

Probably, this ends the argument. But It is not about which comes first. It is what do you want to do with it.

As for me, rather than waiting uncertain amount of eggs I would get, I would go for my certain egg which I am sure I will get my chicken.

My Geekye Spirit

I just downloaded OpenOffice.org 3.2.1. It is another good improvement from OpenOffice.org No wonder if it receives Editor’s Choice Award at Softonic http://en.softonic.com/.

on.e is preparing a BarCamp event together with EiABCBarCampEthiopia from September 17 to 18, 2010. It will be the first BarCamp (similar) event in Ethiopia. I hope it would be interesting. This afternoon I have been trying to work on that more or less. Actually, I am looking forward to see what kind of presentations will be made. If Maike – I got the name Geekye from her 🙂 – is here, she will definitely present something like “mediation in Ethiopia” or “intercultural communication, outcome oriented PME for enterprises and the challenges” or even better, “table dance in Ethiopia”. I don’t think she likes the idea of writing something about her especially under this title.

I think I have got some free time from work this week. I have already started to participate Ethiopian New Era Journalists’ Club http://nbeinstitute.org/ which is offering Journalism courses for free.

I have mentioned few organizations and events. Silly me, I haven’t got a reason to include pictures in my blog yet. I believe that words are still stronger than pictures.

Oh, Africa!

A good writer is the one who has time to write. I couldn’t manage to get time to write on my blog. It obviously made me a bad writer – which I am anyway.

I have opened my open office application three times to write an article in the last few weeks.

My first try:

It went only a paragraph. I was writing about a common subject. But I didn’t get the words well set up the way I wanted it. One of my problems is I write things I could only understand. I was writing about the way my girl sees me. But you can’t usually write about it. It is one of the things words can’t express [keep in mind that words are the most powerful thing in the world]. So I dropped the subject and I started to write the way I feel about her. What do I feel about her? I actually feel this. I mean THIS. I failed again. Where are the words in my mind? Sometimes I even write words out of my fingers. I should have got the right words to express deep feelings like this. I write blogs, after all.

My second try:

I began with a common sentence over again. At least, it’s being common since June 11.

“It is time for Africa”

It is a world cup in Africa. I enjoy watching football. I don’t think it is a boring game that 22 guys fight to score a goal. This is not basically a real goal – assuming, winning is the actual goal. It is in South Africa. I got all memories back. Yet, I feel more connected to world cup than South Africa. My few days in Johannesburg were nothing compare to my attachment with football. I feel more connected to the Argentinean team than all the people I know from there. I even thought that South Africa isn’t Africa. I saw a counting down clock counting down for the world cup – September 2008. July 5, 2010, I remember the newly constructed stadium more than the room I stayed in Pretoria.

It is time for Africa. But Africa had all the time even before. If it means it is Africa’s turn to host the world cup, South Africa is not defiantly the right place. In the real world, it silently represents Africa. This should go to a real African country. Let the players play in grass pitch. Let the fans sleep in the tents. Let the hotels serve half the menu. If it is time for Africa, let everyone feels it. Take the players at the back of a horse. Let them play half naked.

My third try:

I never try things three times and failed!