Neutral Views

On may 23rd, the upcoming Ethiopian national election will be held. Political parties are posting posters and announce the nominees. This election is not as a hot issue as it was five years ago. It is recalled that shortly after the election the police fired on demonstrators and 200 were killed. This has a substantial influence on upcoming election as well. Instead of waiting for the election enthusiastically, many people captivated by fear and wishing for the time when the election passes. The Ethiopian politics certainly have problems.

Like many African countries, many neutral organizations highly influenced by the government and by leading parties. On the other hand, most neutral organizations are too weak and incapable of handling the pressure which comes towards them. They cannot stand for the people and regulate the politics and the economy.

Many people agree, the upcoming election will be suffered by representation of weak parties, unmotivated voters and too many controls which will create lots of pressure on voters.

As long as the neutral organizations are free and represent the people, political activities can only be half successful. It is everyone’s responsibility to make these organizations free. Political parties and government should work with the people and give in the power to people back. At the end of the day, controlling and regulating of the nation would be the main task. And it is only the community itself that can control and regulate.

Whoever wins in the upcoming election, the role of these politically and economically free organizations are high. Courts should be a place where people get justice – both on the election time or not. The military and police need to protect the people, if necessary from the government itself. Election coordinators should stand aside and count the bails. The commodity exchanges controls the market and protect the people from ripping off and the market from high prices and low quality products. The transport organization should control the routes to make sure people can move from one place to the other freely. All together, in one or in another way, the neutral organizations role should be extremely important. The press should be free and reflect only the truth. Universities, religious bodies, governmental offices and all the neutral bodies should reflect their identity towards the general public. Unless this becomes reality in Ethiopia, talking about politics doesn’t help much.

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