Fear of Fresh Air

It is cold and Wet.

Many people hate rain in here because the road will be filled with mud and it will make their shoes dirty. It is a rainy season. It rains. People afraid of getting cold so they wear warm cloths. I put on a jacket. I closed the windows of my office to write without my fingers shaking.

Basically, people always wear warm cloths. Most people afraid of getting cold all the time.

It was 35 degrees. There were about 50 passengers in the bus. It was hot and uncomfortable. All windows were closed. I was in need of fresh air. I stretched my hand to open dirt covered glass. I burnt enough amount of calories. It is really hard to open windows of buses these days. I think these windows were opened in the test phase of manufacturing.

Was it for 2 minutes? I don’t remember.

But I got an instant objection to my humble activity of getting fresh air. Everyone went cruel to me that I should closed the window. Lots of objection signs came along. I already got used to it. So I usually ignore these signs. It started with a woman sitting next to me. She covered her head with her ‘Netela’ [a traditional scarf]. The person sitting in front of me turned around and see the windows first and then me and then the woman – in case if there was someone who was also disturbed by the coming ‘fresh’ air.

The guy behind me talked to me – after he pocked me to get my attention – if I needed the windows open.

Well, duh!

Later I figured out that he literally thought I was sick and wanted to throw up. Hell yeah!

This time the woman next to me had enough fresh air. In her own terms, the hot and cold air clashed on her head and body. She told me all the ‘scientific’ truth behind clashing of cold and hot weather. I was afraid of hitting by a lighting; after it got in with this half-opened window and hit me. My lung would filled by cold air and burst out – that was my second thought.

After all, it was just another bus ride. I already knew I would close the window before I opened it. The same question I used to ask myself while I was inside the bus. I asked myself again. Do they seriously think they might get cold while it is fairly hot and sunny?

‘Weraje ale’. Please!


  1. Titii · May 14, 2010

    Windows in buses ,hmmmm story of my life ….. lol to ” enough calories to burn”…

    And i say nice observation to “It is really hard to open windows of buses these days. I think these windows were opened in the test phase of manufacturing. ” True to that!!!

    As for the lady and the man objecting, I say its very common specially in our society , … something we shouldn’t expect otherwise. Even if the air is extremely suffocating , people don’t seem to mind. I usually look around to see if others are as disturbed as me. To my surprised not as much.

    But imagine what would happen if the windows remain open , we might get refreshed at that time, but they might really get some kind of “chronic sickness” .Yes the probability of them being sick is high. Elders in our society wants there comfort.However cold or “berd” or “draft” as they call it ,is for them a must -avoid. Please do remember that the kind of society that we are talking about,specially at that range of age is the kind that do even overdresses in normal, sunny days .Because I am part of that society and this is the society I belong to, I say respect to that. And try to live with the differences. After all this hole situation will only held for a maximum of 30 minutes….Doesn’t hold a major impact in my life.

    However the worst part is that ,usually at those rainy days, the road are so jacked with traffic,and the car are barely moving. Meanwhile the air is getting even more asphyxiated. And one is forced to endure patiently or impatiently to get out of there. But after all,despite all,… this is what gives color to our society. Despite all, this is where it all start!!!

  2. Titii · May 14, 2010

    Lol to “In her own terms, the hot and cold air clashed on her head and body.” Am sure u must have been “Lady really!!!”

  3. eweket · May 17, 2010

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I believe that some of the things I discuses in my blog are quite integrated to the society. Norms, cultures can be revised, changed and modified by the society itself. Not tonight, may be tomorrow!

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