I’m feeling lucky

“This term isn’t new for me. Wait, where did I hear about it?”
“It is a name of a button.”
“a button?; which button?”
“One of the most visible button on Google”

I have asked most of my friends if they every used Google’s I am feeling lucky button. Most of them never noticed or tried it. I was entertaining myself with their question – “what does it do?”

Well, it does something. But you don’t obviously get a surprised result out of it. By using Google search option, you will get multiple web pages which contains the phrase you are searching for. The I’m feeling lucky button directs you to first ranked page.

I usually don’t see the point to it. Except the fact that it looks good on Google. I can’t pretty imagine a beautiful Google front page without this button.

But is it really common with normal people who are using Google for years and never noticed such a button?