I misspelled My Name Again

It is unfortunate.

I don’t know exactly who, but I remember someone can actually memorize the whole book and keep forgetting his own name.

I met one of my friends yesterday. His first remark when he saw me was a bit strange
“Man, I am loosing my memory”.

One of the interesting movies in 2010 is “Book of Eli” – A man who can perfectly remember the whole Bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. It is normal people memorize scriptures. Sometimes, as part of their religious activities.

Is it possible to memorize the whole dictionary?
…… There is this Indian guy who claims to do that. He memorized the whole oxford dictionary. He took 2 years for memorizing words from the whole dic and his main method was visualisation. He told me that he used to spend 4 to 5 hours on a regular basis and sometimes he spent 20 hours a day. He used to link words with images. ….

My point, well this is actually what I want to write here.

I see many billboards, restaurant menus and name of cafes misspelled in Ethiopia. Sometimes it is fun to see “weeding cake” instead of “wedding cake”. Some people never spelled “spaghetti” correctly in their lives. I have some interesting pictures. I will post them soon.

Is misspelling a problem of memorization?

I did it again. I misspelled my name when I wrote an email (official one). It is embarrassment. But it is even worse to misspelled a person’s name that you want to send email/letter to. People love to see their name is written correctly. Misspelled name makes people angry. Some people even try to correct it right away.

How do I spell ‘I’?

Memory can be improved for sure. At least, I should spell my name correctly. Did you already find misspelled words in this article. I bet you did.