Calling the Eyes

I have a custom of arranging my pictures by the taken month (e.g November_09). I would say most people give the name of their picture folder after some kind of event or location. But I like surprises. It is quite fun to find a picture of a friend riding a horse at May_08. A pretty girl, who is trying to cover up her face by umbrella at August_08. By the way, why do most Ethiopian girls trying to cover their face when someone wants to take a picture of them?

It is in May or December. But I saw those pretty eyes again in the picture – totally uncovered. I think I know them very well. I can even pretty remember how the blood vessels outlined throughout the eyes. How deep did I look at them? I think I stared at them. In this particular case, I even focus at them – I was trying to get help for a deeper spectacle – to see them through a camera lens.

This is what I always have. It is a clear image. A proper object that can be perfectly illustrated. And those uncovered eyes remain open. They were taken. It doesn’t matter in which folder I located them. I can even make a copy of them and save them in all folders, each copy as open and pretty. They keep surprising me. I am wondering if they are as demanding as they always seem to be. Are they begging for the second chance? As far as I am concerned this is not a big question in the “eyes world”. Well, if eyes are individuals they will always be open and see. They see all the time, the good and the bad things. Eyes don’t assume. Do they? I can imagine the most confusing sentence for eyes is, “I see what will come next” or “I can see what is going to happen” – What? Eyes are rolling. It is very confusing for eyes. Is there binocular for future? May be! Faith? No wonder then why they call it vision. Eyes are rolling again.

SO what the eyes see now is pleasant and nice. They were looking at the same thing. But let me confuse the eyes once again. What I see next is called a vision, it shows future. This faith which made them see, it will also make them see what is pleasant and nice.

SO, I’m not sure if I can come up with a sweet name that the eyes would like to be called now and then, but well, I AM CALLING THEM!!


  1. tewedajua · September 23, 2010

    my my…that is something it is pretty awesome…those eyes must really be gorgeous aye?
    i love it…..


  2. eweket · September 23, 2010

    They are pretty gorgeous. thanks!

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