A little Bit of Everything

This is the title of my blog and what motivates me to write. I have been trying to write one article a week. But after even writing about six articles I found it very hard to write articles with a proper subject.

As most of the “free bloggers” out there, I have the freedom to write without assuming the readers in mind.

So here again, I am back as “eweket”.


  1. tewedajua · September 23, 2010

    you really dont need to write about some thing in specific… it an be about a hell lot of tings…. just words that give meaning to some one at sometime. i guess some one out there will otice and use…

  2. eweket · September 23, 2010

    True! but most paid bloggers write about a specific subject and it makes sense too. Generating content is a hell of job by the way 🙂

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