Great Challenges of IT Experts in Ethiopia

How IT jobs are dying because of companies in the country

I have been visiting since 2006. It’s probably the only working recruitment website in Ethiopia. Vacancies are posted in a daily basis. It is not necessary to use the search option; you can click on List all vacancies. It takes less than 5 minutes to go through all the pages. Four pages, each has a maximum of 20 listings. Only 80 openings are available a day for more than 80 million people.

Let me go a little beyond the statistics. I am more concerned about the need of IT skilled people in the country. In my opinion, there is no need. I am not being sarcastic. It is very rarely to see posts with little different requirements.

I say this with poise; most organizations’ requirements for highly skilled IT professionals are insufficient. There requirements are very minimal that usually the jobs can be done easily by any IT technician with small experience.

The competitions between IT companies are not noteworthy. First off, companies use pirated software. They don’t need to develop software in their own requirement. They don’t usually have special requirements. The IT companies provide solutions using pirated software. Big companies, institutions, and organizations proudly use cracked software (e.g. take ETC, the only telecom company; Addis Ababa University (AAU), the biggest university in Ethiopia)

This is extremely bad reality for IT experts in the country. Jobs can easily be obtained by unskilled workers. Whereas, unskilled workers can effortlessly fit in the positions. Do their job very well. What is expected from them does not need better skills in the first place.

How IT jobs dying because of IT companies in Ethiopia

When there is a big circulation of pirated software, the need for software by local companies decreased. The IT companies instead of using different marketing strategies and consultancy services, they copy products and using pirated templates for their customers.

They don’t develop systems unless it is asked by the company. The IT companies don’t have a slightest interest to finance new products and try to sell it to their customers. The IT companies don’t consult private companies. They don’t possess their own products and services. Practically, they don’t have anything to sell. Most IT consultancy companies also give very common and outdated services.

In the other hand, most IT jobs suffered because of very small salaries. IT experts earn low salaries because of the amount of job expected from them.

This trend will continue for sometime.

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