Measure of Iniquities

Yes, she visited a gypsy woman. She even wanted to hear what happened in her life which she already knew. The fortunetellers tell fortune. They wish kismet for customers as long as there is money transactions. They are like kindergarten teacher who can’t teach his own children. Like a farmer who doesn’t know how to feed his own family.

Yes, she heard it properly. It made sense. She was sure the one who counted her stars didn’t create them. She hoped to hear only good things to come. She will not try to change it in that case. Sometimes, it is better to accept the bad things to come than to try to change it. It might be more painful. After all, bad things will never stop coming. Measures of bad things are measures of good things. Those are countable. Those are times which made us smile when they don’t come.

Their absence is by far exciting than their non-existence.

She doesn’t wish to count her own stars. But the fortunetellers do. Wisdom made them ordinary. The one they put their trust on doesn’t have full knowledge. Thousands of experience will help to give the best prediction. Predictions are guesses. Guesses are not certainty. This is not even thousands of experience; it is thousand years of experience.

Yes, it is a one man show. Shine with him or leave. He gives chances. She has chances. She still can leave. But there is no where to go. It doesn’t take to leave the country, not even the planet. It takes to leave the universe. The one who owns the universe also owns the village; the house; the soul.

Stop counting!

She has only one star.

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