5 Interesting Facts

Mini-buses in Ethiopia

  1. They play music with very poor quality players. They never stop playing even if the speakers doesn’t produce the real sound.
  2. They shout “Yemola” and stop wherever they want to add more people. But they usually hesitate to take you off.
  3. They respect traffic rules only when traffic-police is around.
  4. They don’t give you 5cents change no matter the price is
  5. “Weyalawoch” don’t like to tell you where they will go after their next stop

Radio stations

  1. They usually argue with callers to turn off their own radio. (someone once said, “it is the neighbors’”.. really? How close is your house from the neighbors?)
  2. They cut a playing music for advertisements.
  3. The presenters mix languages.
  4. They don’t play metal music. (may be , Afro105.2 FM)
  5. They usually air same programs in the same time.


  1. Security: Women can usually pass without checking.
  2. “Passion for bureaucracy”: you need to have a rubber stamp wherever you go . Check this article!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/8189145.stm )
  3. AAU guards order you to get out of your car for checking. But they don’t check the car. (If you bring a tank, they will only check you and give you a pass 🙂
  4. Most restaurants they don’t place toilet papers in the toilets.
  5. Bars play music too loud that you can’t talk inside. TVs are always mute.

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