Social Responsibility

It is where hundreds of people passing by everyday. Children play in the side. Taxi drivers are resting inside their car and waiting for customers. It is actually called stadium.

What you can see in there will give you a glance of the general public.

I wasn’t shocked to see guys peeing in the side of the road. It is absolutely ok. Throwing the cover of the fruit is as common as eating it. You can even toss your dead animals. It is your social responsibility to feed the street kids together with their dogs – they are family. Usually, families dine together.

Some people say social responsibility comes with modern life. Others say it is a general behavior of a certain society. In both ways, I don’t see it with most Ethiopian citizens. If not, both undeveloped life and the collective behavior of the society certainly have problems. Schools on the side should spend lots of time shaping the behavior of the society.  Responsible living should come before quadratic equation in any possible life calculations.

This will help.

  • Shift the blames from the government to the society. The government came out of the society
  • Move the blames from the leaders to the society. Leaders indeed part of the society
  • Professors, students, waitress, comedians, engineers, priests should take the blame as part of the society.

Unless, ……..

Country means the people.

Requiring service from others means giving service for another

Asking questions means having answers for others

No means no for everyone

It is just a sad story.


  1. YEMA · October 6, 2009

    Hello Markos.
    Just to point out some major flaws as I consider them to be.I,myself passing by Stadium on a daily basis,do not think I have ever seen dead animal being left on the side of the road. It is very unlikely and uncommon…….

    As for the guys who have a tendency to take a piss ,they are definitely not representing the general public as you stated it out.Yes it’s true I admit I have seen quite few engaged in the process,but usually they are away from the crowd.But most Ethiopians know better than to do that. They would use cafe’s or restaurant restroom instead.( which are located on every street and blocs).This is my thoughts on the matter of hand.

    As for the rest I do agree that the society should be alerted immediately about their responsibility as to cease the enduring habit of pointing out a finger at whomever.

    • eweket · October 6, 2009

      you need to get a little closer.

  2. melon · October 8, 2009

    I don’t think you are quite observant Yema!!! Have you been lately in Addis? It seems to me that all the city’s’ people have a vendetta against the streets; peeing, spitting (yes I did say spitting-it makes the streets filthy) and a whole lot of “un-environmental “dedicated activities. Our beautiful country thoughts us that it’s okay to pee and “poo” on every corner of the streets, but not eating while walking on it. I think this is a conscious strategy thought by our respectable elders to prevent us to do our toilets in inappropriate places. If you don’t eat while walking on the streets, well you won’t tarnish it.
    Let’s be responsible and by that I mean let’s admit that we are socially irresponsible!!!

  3. eweket · October 8, 2009

    Thanks Melon!! I’m tempted to dedicate this article for you 🙂

  4. sukersays · January 18, 2011

    DEFINITELY CORRECT. this is almost exactly like what i wrote… i see the dead animals all the time, even right outside of ECA can u imagine? we all need to do our parts and keep it clean!!

    • eweket · January 18, 2011

      yes! we should stop being irresponsible society

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