My First Toastmaster Experience

No, they don’t make toasters!

I was 15 minutes late. To start with, I didn’t even listen to “the day’s theme” which was obviously easy to guess because everyone had to say something about it in round.

My turn, I stood up.

“I like to pay my own bills. I am not as comfortable to pay other’s bill as others trying to pay for me.” I didn’t hesitate to tell my name and where I am working.

It was a refreshing topic for people who are living in very traditional society. Meetings of friends, families and social interactions in a restaurant, bar, public transportation end in a very predictable manner – quarrel. A genuine competition of taking honor of paying for others.

For some time, until everyone says something, curiosity feels the room to know what the next person remarks. This is the beauty of these kinds of social meetings. One likes to show his skills piercingly.

Presentations were carried out. Evaluators evaluated the speakers. The timer counted the ticks. The chairman left his chair to speak up behind the pulpit. As one of the guest participants, I used my ears mostly.

But I didn’t leave the room with wow. – I shouldn’t have!

Below standard speeches, extreme encouragements (extreme encouragements are not good encouragements), a relatively disturbing clapping for highly interactive meeting and few boring speech topics boringly performed.

Please, make toasters!

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