The First Word

“how to write blogs?” I typed this query to Mr. Google to help me out what to write as a naïve writer. I didn’t include the question mark. But I got 148,000,000 results. I have already felt at least 148,000,000 times people tried to write those key words – write,  and blogs.

I know I can’t have a standing ovation for my writing skills nor making money out of it. I am living in third world country. Hope no one want to blame me talking about money in my first ever blog post. But well, according to “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do” writer, No one has money problem, it is idea problem. I agree.

I have already visited more than three websites based on my google’s query. The way I start my blogs doesn’t seem professional. But I don’t want to stop writing. I would like to start and finish what I believe is right. After all, everyone is – should be – judged by what he accomplished. I can even write a proper article about the difference between starting and finishing.

I don’t usually try to re-invent the wheel. But I open my “Text Editor” to type the first command of my website designing project. I know it is blank. Nothing written on it. But I have the last image in mind. There are lots of people who can agree with me. All writers start from the first word, even from the first character. I have started with ‘ ” ‘ for that matter.

So far so good. I could actually write four paragraph already. I don’t have to read the rest of pages on google results. I don’t see myself as a writer. I love my job. I am willing to work as Network Administrator, Website designer, ICT project management – and now as a bloger!

Welcome My first blog post!

One comment

  1. Michael · October 7, 2009

    So cool and well done. i like it.

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